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Phase 1. Ghost Writing Package ($10,000): You and I will start with a 1-2 hr Intensive Zoom/phone/in-person session to discuss any questions you might have about your book project and to discuss the specific items you would like to have included in your book. We will schedule an additional 3-6 total one-on-one sessions to discuss and create an extensive outline of what will be included in your book. We will create a 150-200 page book on the subject we have agreed to. The writing part of your project will begin promptly after the end of our sessions and we normally ask for a 6-8 week timeframe to deliver the initial manuscript for your review.

Upon your approval of the manuscript, it will be submitted to an editor for copy editing as the project moves to Phase 2 listed below.

Phase 2. Book Publishing Package ($3497): I will personally work with you to develop your book cover as well as the spine and book summary for your book, I will register your copyrights for your book, I will secure and register your ISBN’s for your book (if needed), review of your manuscript, I will secure 2 rounds of copy editing, Access to my sponsorship programs to have your book paid for by sponsors, Typesetting of the entire manuscript and Creation of an E-book.

Phase 3. Book Printing Package (incl with Phase 2): You will receive 100 (6×9) copies of your book in paperback form (shipping charges are not included.)

You will be signed up for the following packages: Phase 1, 2 &3
 Ghost Writing Package $10,000.00
 Book Publishing and Printing Package $3,497.00

Total : $13,497.00
Discount : $3,497.00
SubTotal : $10,000.00



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