Tracey K. Brander

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  • Forgiving the Facade

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    Forgiving the Facade Summary

    Kira was at her wit’s end, trying to find investors, for her professional website. Her newly found passion for helping parents of premature babies and young children, with developmental delays, inspired her to want to do whatever it took to bring that dream to fruition.

    With her marriage coming to an end and her struggles with getting her business online, happening simultaneously, Kira needed something to go right. She jumped at the opportunity to finally get things going when, Kevin Pickford, a dashing CFO, from an investment firm, contacted her on LinkedIn. She was blindly captivated and impulsively welcomed the idea of him becoming an investor.

    As their “professional” relationship matured into something much more, she reluctantly allows herself to dream even bigger of the future he promises for both of them.

    Could all the steamy texts, phone calls, and pictures exchanged be enough to constitute a real and lasting relationship?

    As new developments unfold, Kira is forced to reconsider everything! Now left conflicted and confused, she can’t help but wonder …

    Was Kevin keeping his true motives hidden from her?

    If he isn’t who he says he is, then who is he? What does he really want, and what would happen to all the beloved dreams she entrusted him with?

    Will Kira be able to overcome this sudden turn of events, allowing Kevin to prove himself to her, or is the damage that has been done too much to overlook?

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